I was stoked to receive a copy of both City of Thousands compilations today from Nick Huinker.  These compilations were put together by Nick during the mid-aughts and are an excellent representation of the very best (and worst) of the Knoxville music scene at the time.  I have posted a few songs from Volume 1 on Soundcloud (above).  To download the complete album follow this link.  Volume 2 will be posted later this week.  

The following description is from Nick’s inactive City of Thousands blog.

"The IT TAKES A CITY OF THOUSANDS TO HOLD US BACK project started as a series of two DIY compilations to which a total of 42 Knoxville bands contributed. The idea was that they would be made available to download, art and all, so that anyone who wanted to do so could make copies and distribute them on CD-Rs, at a cost of no more than one dollar. The first one was mildly successful, the second one less so, as my enthusiasm for the project regrettably waned. As far as the music goes, anyone who wanted a spot had one for the taking, so some of the tracks here are brilliant, some dreadful; some of these bands will be revisited on this site in the near future, and some are better left unremembered. But all of the songs were made by people who believe in the independence of music, and love it enough to spend a lot of their time at it.

Volume One (released in January of 2004) features Atropos, Redwinterdying, Mr. Self-Reliant, PastMistakes, Cadre, Kamuy, Rise From Ruin, the Royal Bangs, the Bloodiest Night of my Life, Beware: The Gentlemen, Arrison Kirby And The Bubble Orchestra, the Vanity Complex, the Shape, Blackgrass, Tenderhooks, the Sense, Tear Myself Down, Vestle, Perfect Orange, the High Score, and Twinkiebots.”